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I started my training journey at Iron Core Oceanside last April. I didn’t have experience with strength training in the past, but Os and Erika have taught me how to become strong. Os’s cla...

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Personal Training near Oceanside

Alison James / San Diego, CA

Mr. Motivation!!! Os Aponte is the best fitness class trainer I have ever experienced. As a relative newcomer to kettlebells, I like the fact that he takes the time to give very specific instructions ...

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Jonathon P.

Os is a wizard with the kettlebell and is very detail-oriented when training clients. Classes are fun challenging, and Os always mixes things up to keep it spicy. He's also really knowledgeable about ...

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Personal Training near Oceanside

Personal Training

With our personal training program, you'll get access to 100% customized fitness on a flexible schedule. From kettlebell workouts to cutting edge functional neurology and advice on every aspect of fitness from a dedicated coach, personal training is the most holistic approach to health and wellness.

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Personal Training near Oceanside

Kettlebell Classes

At Iron Core Way, we approach small group training differently. Through curated small group kettlebell workouts, we can get you the results you want faster than ever. Train with us in Oceanside and see for yourself how simple, effective, and fun our small group training methods can be!

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The Iron Core Way

As coaches it is our responsibility to empower you with the right tools to efficiently and safely reach your goals. We are also accountable for giving you direction in how to use those tools, and motivate you to stay the course in your quest for fitness. This is our promise to you.

At Iron Core Way, we're proud to be an accredited StrongFirst facility and excited to offer our cutting edge functional neurology training system, Z-Health.

  • •We are a school. Not a gym.
  • •We train movement, not muscle groups.
  • •The Kettlebell is our primary strength-building tool.
  • •Hard-Style principles are the way we teach kettlebells in our school.
  • •We use a neural lens when evaluating movement.
  • •Z-Health Performance Solutions provides the framework of our neural lens.
  • •Bodyweight training is a preferred starting place for new students and a powerful addition to any program in any Chamber.
  • •Each distinct modality is known as a Chamber.

Learn About The Four Chambers

"My journey has allowed me to learn a variety of training modalities and sharing that knowledge is an important part of fulfilling my mission. By combining bodyweight, kettlebell, conventional and circuit training our system provides a powerful tonic guaranteed to cure boredom and deliver lasting results. From beginner to elite, The Iron Core Way & The Four Chambers have something to offer to everybody" -Os

  • Chamber One: Bodyweight - Master your own body! & Heart Health

    Chamber One: Bodyweight - Master your own body! & Heart Health

    In a perfect world everyone would start their fitness journey here, by using nothing more than their own body to develop a resilient and reliable movement discipline. It sure makes a lot of sense to master your own body before you resort to equipment to further challenge the limits of your physicality. From the simplest progressions (think balancing on one leg) to the more difficult (think one arm one leg push ups), bodyweight training is an underrated modality that deserves a second look. Let's get you started on the path to the best shape of your life in the most fundamental and organic movement modality. We invite you to step into our Basic Training Chamber.

  • Chamber Two: Kettlebells - The Martial Art of Strength Training

    Chamber Two: Kettlebells - The Martial Art of Strength Training

    I will start by telling you that kettlebell training is by far, the most challenging form of resistance training you can engage in. The kettlebell's unique design with an off center of gravity will surely challenge even the most skilled movers. However, this does not mean that it is inaccessible. Anyone can learn how to properly use this tool and that is where we come in my friends. We are certified by the gold standard of kettlebell certifications in the world, StrongFirst, and have an assortment of tools to teach and challenge you regardless of your fitness level. The kettlebell as a tool is the centerpiece of our system, and the implementation will be achieved in its most elegant and pure form, in the Chamber of Grinds & Ballistics.

  • Chamber Three:  Conventional - Muscle and Fiction's Greatest Hits

    Chamber Three: Conventional - Muscle and Fiction's Greatest Hits

    "In the early 90's when I began using resistance training to enhance my physique. I was 130 pounds and needed a little muscle to give me some show power (don't judge, I was a teenager). With no internet and living in rural Puerto Rico, coming across quality training information came down to two things; one, word of mouth and two, a Muscle & Fitness or Flex magazine. The information in these magazines became inadequate once my focus shifted from looks to performance, hence the Muscle & Fiction joke, but through experimentation I extracted the best attributes and turned them into performance producing protocols. Five years later I began wrestling and was introduced to Eastern European strength training program designs. Conclusion, dumbbells and barbells have their place in our training regime, and the material has enough depth to warrant its own chamber." -Os Aponte, SFG Conventional tools applied in elegant designs is the very essence of our Conventional Wisdom Chamber.

  • Chamber Four: Circuits - Fast-paced, fun and unpredictable

    Chamber Four: Circuits - Fast-paced, fun and unpredictable

    The X Chamber is a celebration of your hard work. Once a student masters the body weight, kettlebell and conventional training programs they are ready to throw it all together in challenging workouts that will put everything you have achieved to the test. Participants experience dramatic body composition changes and above all, circuits are just plain fun! You planted the seeds and now it’s time to reap the rewards.


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